Hey everyone,

So a lot (or a little, depends how you want to look at it) has been going on behind the scenes in terms of the Oxyrise ownership, development and overall server. There has been many many set backs in terms of funding, development and ownership the past 6 months of the planned release of the server. I'll explain a bit about it to keep you guys updated, and to be as transparent as possible.

First , funding. Oxyrise, the,ownership team and I have been a non-profit server in our minds since it last released nearly a year and half ago. We wanted to create a fun experience for everyone to enjoy, while having no ftop prizes, no P2W or OP buycraft perks and make the experience as fun as possible. But as with anything in life, it costs money to run, develop and keep the server up-to-date. We had a investor as a part of oxyrise about 6 months ago who delayed and delayed the funding for the server for months, eventually investing nothing and wasting everyone's time.

Second, development. The core of Oxyrise has been developed since the last release of Oxyrise. It just needs to be updated which has been done. The development issues we're having at the moment is the custom plugins we want to implement and fun features, which again cost money and with several developers letting us down with these plugins, again this was something else which was delayed.With this being said, we will keep to our promise of something whether it be the beta or full release being released Soon for you to check out.

Hope you understand.

Many Thanks,